Close Discretionary Funds

Our fund range gives access to a wide range of opportunities

We believe that a multi-asset class approach gives our clients access to the greatest set of opportunities and acknowledges that different asset classes will perform significantly differently throughout an economic cycle. 

This area of our site contains the latest fund facts, reports, accounts and price information for our range of onshore unit trusts and OEICs.

Report and accounts are available for all funds and can be downloaded from each fund information page.

Close Discretionary Portfolio funds

Directly invested funds

These are directly-invested strategies investing in equities, fixed income and alternatives. From time to time the funds may also invest in index-tracking funds (to gain broad exposure to a particular sector or asset) or long-only funds (to capture specialist or niche expertise.) Our institutional-level manager research team is key to identifying these external skills and the most appropriate funds. 

Close Discretionary Managed funds

Multi-manager funds

These are manager-of-manager solutions, seeking to add value through our active asset allocation decisions and by capturing the expertise of fund managers where we identify particular strengths, some of whom may not be directly available to private investors. Picking the right manager at the right time is a specialist skill and our institutional-level manager research team is key to a successful implementation.

Close Tactical Select Passive funds

Active asset allocation - Passive instruments

These seek to add value by actively trading index-tracking investments including exchange-traded products and passive unit trusts. These offer a cost-effective exposure to broad markets and themes at potentially low volatilities. However, they are not risk-free investments and you need to understand the mechanics of the markets you are tracking and how the funds are constructed to meet this objective. Our institutional-level research advantage is key to the success of this strategy.

Specialist funds

Those outside of our risk adjusted ranges

We also offer some additional funds, which differ from our risk-adjusted multi-asset portfolio funds, in terms of both their management style and strategy.

Fees, charges and prices

Details of our fees and charges, as well as daily unit prices.

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